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Potassium cyanide is a highly toxic salt of inorganic cyanide that people can use as a substitute for the more popular sodium cyanide. Buy Potassium-Cyanide =  Its chemical formula is KCN. People mainly take potassium cyanide in tablet or powder form. If you ship from us the available dosage is 300mg oral pill and minimum order for 100 gram powder form, buy legal potassium cyanide, buy potassium cyanide in Canada, buy potassium cyanide in usa, buy potassium cyanide in Australia, buy potassium cyanide, buy potassium cyanide in uk, buy potassium cyanide near me, buy poison potassium cyanide, buy potassium cyanide, buy potassium cyanide gold, buy potassium cyanide Australia, buy potassium cyanide bulk, where can i buy potassium cyanide in London, buy potassium cyanide in wholesale, where to buy potassium cyanide in worldwide, buy potassium cyanide online, buy kcn online, buy potassium cyanide with bitcoin, buy potassium cyanide, order potassium cyanide online, Buy Potassium-Cyanide online


Our laboratory manufactures and distributes the best quality potassium which is a colorless crystalline compound. Our potassium cyanide is known by jewelry dealers for it s extreme and exceptional high quality chemical gilding and buffing properties. Our gold mining. organic synthesis. and electroplating customers has never looked anywhere ever since they tested our potassium cyanide. Potassium cyanide is offered in powder or cylindrical tablet each tablets weighing 100 grams. It is an inorganic compound with the formula KCN. This colorless crystalline compound. similar in appearance to sugar. is highly soluble in water. Most KCN is used in gold mining. organic synthesis. committing suicide and electroplating.

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